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About Us

Jim Carr

James H. Carr a.k.a. "the needle" a.k.a. "Jim", is the owner and operator of Hamilton-Toronto Area Process Serving Inc. The company was founded in 1986 and operated originally as Hamilton Bailiff Services Unlimited. Jim and his son Michael Carr work together as a team covering the Greater Toronto Area/Niagara Peninsula, Hamilton and surrounding areas.

Jim's friendly and outgoing personality assisted him in sweet talking the most evasive of Defendants into wanting their court documents!

Jim was an avid golf nut. When he isn't knocking at your door you can find him on the green and has earned himself the nickname "the needle" from his golf pals.

Jim has been a member of the North American Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS) since 1990 and the Miami-Dade Association of Process Servers.

He has professional contacts throughout the U.S. and Canada. During Jim's early years as a process server, collections were a part of his service. While he has given up this adventurous side, these skills give him a considerable advantage in document serving.

Jim Carr passed away on April 28, 2014.

Michael Carr

Mike, a Business Graduate of the University of Indiana, attending on a Golf Scholarship, had joined as a partner with his father Jim in 1991 and is now the owner of the family business. Mike has been a member of the North American Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS) since 2008. His tenacious nature has propelled the business, which results in Hamilton Toronto Area Process Serving's high success rates.

How to Pick a Process Serving Company

In our industry the important key factors that you should be considering is speed, price and a proper affidavit of service. Good customer service is of course always important.

When picking a process server, you should never allow the price to dictate who you choose. You should be asking the question, how much do you charge to serve one person at one address. Each attempt is how much money? Am I being charged mileage? Am I being charged for the Affidavit of Service? How do I get the documents to you? How do I receive the Affidavit of Service back? When will the document be attempted to be served? How many attempts will you make? How am I notified if the document is served? How am I notified if there is a problem? Are there any additional hidden fees?

At our company, we attempt to serve a document within 24 to 48 hours depending on the area. We also attempt to serve that document each day until same is served, sometimes twice a day. If your document is a rush, we do charge a premium for that rush, however, that document will be attempted, three to four times a day to get it done.

We charge a flat rate price so you know the price before we even start. The price does not go up at any time for the address you provided to us. We do not charge mileage and it doesn’t matter if we do one attempt or three or four or five attempts, the price is still one price for that one address.

We prepare an affidavit of service for you at no charge. This is part of the package. In addition, you will receive an email when we have dispatched the job to our process server and an email when the job is done. If you are a law firm, you will receive login information so that you can login and monitor the job on a daily basis should you wish to. It is our goal to have each document served within 3 business days. If a week has passed, we will likely contact you for more information or to discuss the file in greater detail. As soon as the file is served, the Affidavit of Service is prepared and signed and returned to you usually within 24 hours.