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Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing Service

Hamilton Toronto Process Serving Inc. will conduct skip-tracing searches on your behalf, if requested. The term skip tracing refers to the process of narrowing down the whereabouts of a company or individual that may be trying to avoid court. We will employ a variety of different methods when carrying out this service, and some of these methods may be unorthodox. Commonly known as debtor/fugitive recovery, skip tracing is not always the most straightforward or likely to produce concrete results. We put in our best effort in locating the individual/company for you.

Skip tracing is a process usually initiated by law firms, acting on behalf of their clients. Other possible organizations/individuals that utilize skip tracing services include private investigators, police detective, journalists, bond enforcers, repossession agents & process servers. Investigators often utilize our skip tracing services to track down witnesses of the purpose of attending court hearings. Hamilton-Toronto Area Process Serving begins such a process by first gathering as much information as we possibly can about the given suspect. Moving forward, this information is then analyzed and verified in the context of the surrounding circumstances. Finally, our team strategizes the most efficient and cost-effective method by which to go about performing the actual skip tracing service.