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Court Filing

Court Filing Service

Besides our process serving work for clients, we offer court filing and skip tracing services. Having been in the industry of legal service, Hamilton-Toronto Area Process Serving is very familiar with many of the intricacies and particulars of legal procedures, regulations & submissions. We are definitely in the right position to serve you. Hamilton-Toronto Area Process Serving Inc. is comprised of a team of legal professionals that are willing to help your firm file large volumes of court documents. We approach each of our jobs with an approach that is efficient, time-sensitive & trustworthy. In addition to process serving, court filing & skip tracing services, Hamilton-Toronto Area Process Serving Inc. will conduct court record searches and other related legal services.

As a comprehensive legal service provider, we file a number of different court documents, and to a number of different court levels. These include Superior Court, Bankruptcy, Commercial List, Court of Appeal, Small Claims Court, Federal Court and Estates Court. Documents that we file include: Statements of Claim, Civil Applications, Divorce Applications, Judgments, Orders, Notices of Motion, Statements of Defense, Answers, Appeal materials among other kinds of court documents.

Our pricing structure is competitive with the market for all of our service offerings. Further, our process serving work is industry-competitive in terms of quality, convenience/efficiency and price.